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Essential Skills to Recover from Stress, Trauma, and Adversity


The Healing Journey Workbook  Volume I is divided into three separate interactive topics; Molestation, Incest and I Am the Product Of Rape—A Memoir. The workbook encourages individuals to take breaks, provides messages of empowerment and offers mantras. Questions pertaining to each topic are placed within each section and are designed to capture honest responses that guide individuals towards healing. Quotes from I Am the Product Of Rape—A Memoir will be found throughout, offering messages of wisdom and strength. A question and answer section is located at the back. Since the activities can cause triggers, grounding exercises, national resources, suggested breaks and visual reflections are strategically placed within. It is suggested that these thought-provoking queries be worked through with a counselor, mentor or therapist. Nontraditional font, uneven font sizes, mixed font and nontraditional grammar are integrated in some titles and exercises. These are deliberate, done to visually demonstrate the vast differences of the individuals who will use the activities and exercises. For those who are not ready for group sessions, the workbook can be used individually, taking the individual through an intimate look into their experiences and hopefully, when ready, will help provide individuals a path towards healing. *Everyone’s personality is different, and some may find working through these exercises with a mental health provider helpful. The developers of this workbook strongly encourage every individual working through these exercises to include a mental health provider.

The Healing Journey Workbook Volume I

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