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Welcome  Healing 
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This is our chance to introduce ourselves, talk about coaching and for both us to ask questions and discover what coaching best fits you.

How I work with you

I coach most of my clients via Skype/Zoom/telephone which means distance is no problem. I find this brings my clients the same success as when working face-to-face.  Most choose this because it eliminates extra travel time, cost, stress, and energy.  This way you can be coached at home, at work and/or without even having to brush your teeth!  If you would prefer to be coached face-to-face though, I can also arrange sessions in my local area upon request by selecting the "Local Area" option.

Time and Preparation

Within 72 hours of receiving your request, I will contact you by email to arrange a talk time. With your (free one-time promo code) we will talk for one-half hour. We can talk by phone or face to face on Skype or Zoom.  If you have not considered coaching online it will give you an opportunity to experience how it is just as effective as meeting physically.


With your (free one-time promo code) we will talk for one-half hour. This is your time to do your best to schedule a time in my calendar when you know you will not be interrupted. 

Be willing to...

  • Experiment with fresh approaches (but only if and when they are appropriate for you.)

  • Change how you operate in parts of your life and simplify the journey to reaching your goals.

  • Change some of the habits that may not serve you, such as how you might operate and react in difficult situations.

  • Develop strategies and behaviors to increase your confidence and motivation.

  • Learn ways to handle any challenges and overcome issues from the past.

  • Explore ways to remove sources of stress.

  • Redesign how you spend your time.

  • Re-look at assumptions or decisions you’ve made.

  • Get the support you need to handle a problem.

  • Work on solutions to eliminating all the things and situations you are tolerating or are frustrating you.

Specialty Areas

Welcome Healing Services

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